Narratives of Transformation – release: to transform. (in engl. Sprache)

Lamin Leroy Gibba, Sailesh Naidu, Maissa Lihedheb, Host: Saad Malik

Veranstaltung in engl. Sprache / This event will be held in English How do experiences deriving from structural discrimination influence young adults in Germany, who identify as queer and / or BIPoc? Which forces do those experiences unleash, reclaiming their personal stories in a creative and competent manner? And what do those stories tell the German society about its common future? With these questions at hand, Saad Malik will be joined by Sailesh Naidu and Lamin Leroy Gibba who collaborated on the short film DOGFRIEND. In their respective body of work, both apply i.a. performative elements to embody and express their craft. From an anthropological perspective, every performance inherits the power of ritual: to change one thing into another, to consciously become different from a moment ago. Subsequently, their collaboration tells us a story of empowerment through transforming adversities into a showcase of your resilient existence. This event will be held in English. From 7 pm, you are invited to listen to an artistic contribution by Ahmed Awadalla in the venue. The short movie HUNDEFREUND (English title: DOGFRIEND) will be screened in German audio with English subtitles. Lamin Leroy Gibba is a Berlin-based actor, screenwriter and filmmaker. His most recent film DOGFRIEND was screened at festivals around the world, including Tribeca Film Festival. Sailesh Naidu is a writer, researcher, and filmmaker based in Berlin. Their work explores intimacy, ritual, and (re)connection. Contribution for this event: Maissa Lihedheb is a German Tunisian filmmaker, curator and founder of Bipoc Film Society. She is currently based in New York for her grad film degree at NYU Tisch. Host: Saad Malik is a trained Social and Cultural Anthropologist. He examines from this point of view aspects of change and transformation, from the personal to the collective. Contribution for the event series: Ahmed Awadalla is a Berlin-based writer, artist, and health practitioner from Egypt. Their work explores (queer) intimacies, identities, and historical narratives.